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UNEEDZ Facility Services Private Limited has been established with the aim of providing trained resources for various facility services like Housekeeping, Horticulture, Office support, Operation & Maintenance, Corporate, Caretaker, IT Infrastructural support etc. These are some of the essential services which add manpower without being allied to the core business. We provide our clients with trained and vetted facility management staff who would make the work environment safe & enjoyable.

Our Vision

UNEEDZ Facility Services Private Limited is a member-centric organization committed to achieve excellence in the field of Facility Management Service. As a single, united entity promoting facility management, UNEEDZ is a conduit for furthering the knowledge and understanding of facility management and sharing world's best practices, with both resulting in added value to each member organization.

Our Mission

We are a mission and values driven organization. Our Mission is to provide optimized and cost-effective, value added, sustainable facility management and infrastructure support services customized and tailor made to our client's needs while creating rewarding career opportunities for our employees and partners.

Commit unwaveringly to ethical behavior and trustworthy interactions with both our customers and employees. Develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients, employees and partners. Treat everyone with dignity, value their contributions, respect their differences, and help each other to succeed and grow.

Our Process

Facility Solutions with a focus on delivery we will capture, evaluate and passionately pursue those service levels.

Facility Solutions with a focus on cost optimization we are very much aware of the current market economics and hence are focused to provide you with the best possible cost optimized solutions.