Soft Service

Soft Service

As India's growing facility management service company, Uneedz Facility Services understands the importance and dynamics of soft services like housekeeping, janitorial, gardening, pest control, waste management, mail room management, vendor management and others. As a professional player, we do not look at soft services as a commodity. For us, a soft service is an art - after perfecting the same as a science. Efficient rendering of these services will positively impact your business, build your brand equity and increase your employee morale.


Arriving from a long workday to a messy home can really put a damper on your day. Uneedz Cleaning Service offers professional apartment cleaning services. Uneedz Cleaning Service will turn any drab apartment into a fab one. If you desire to be more eco-friendly at home, Uneedz Cleaning Service suggests green cleaning, which uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products. Uneedz Cleaning Service also offers basic, or deep cleaning for apartments.

Pantry Service

We also offer our customers Pantry Services.These pantry services of experienced industry professionals also allow us to better manage places like guest houses, where our staff can be placed 24 hours a day. Some of the work areas ..

Peon / Office Boy

Being a renowned organization, we are involved in offering Office Boy Services to various Multinational Companies, Government sectors or private firms. We have with us well trained and laborious workers including peons, courier boys, secretaries, receptionists and many others. Our staffs are verified by local poli.

Gardening, Horticulture & Landscaping

We offer a wide range of services which include Landscaping & Gardening such as Fountain System, Green Belt Development, Landscape Designing Service, Garden Development & Maintenance and Horticulture Service.

Carpet & Chair Shampooing

CLEANING PROCESS FOR CARPET/SOFA/CHAIR Thoroughly Vacuuming of all Carpet surfaces with user friendly, high suction power and large capacity equipments to insure quickly achieve excellent result. Clean the surface with the single disc machine fitted with nylon, soft, applying cleaning agent solution via the tank of the machine. Clean water sprayed with spray – extraction unit into the pile under pressure and immediately vacuumed.

Pest control

Pests and termites can pose a real and serious threat to your office. Pests can leave painful and harmful bites on humans and pets. Pests can carry diseases and viruses in your office. Pests can contaminate and eat household food and spread germs. Pests can damage your office and ruin plants and flowers. PESTSOLUTIONS General Pest Control This involves in spraying the entire premises and surrounding areas with special

Upkeep & Maintenance

Upkeep & maintenance including repairs and replacement of electricals, plumbing, painting, furniture, accessories and rendering pest control & gardening / landscaping services.